Quality Inspection / Containment

Quality Inspection

When customers need a reliable containment company to assist in a sorting activity (including CS1 / CS2). Gem Quality can assist.  Our process uniqueness adapts to any manufacturing environment from start to finish.

Initial Site Set-Up

  • Develop and implement a work cell designed to be efficient during the containment process.
  • Customized Project Manuals will enhance key aspects
  • Customized Visual Work Instructions highlighting key aspects of the sort
  • Gem Quality Team Members are recruited and placed internally


  • Execute transparent and precise training to ensure accuracy and understanding of aspects and variables of a sort
  • Review the visual work instruction with all team members
  • Project Supervisors demonstrate how to handle the components and what to inspect
  • Each Team Member signs an understanding of all work instructions
  • Project Supervisors monitor each team member to ensure accuracy and comprehension

Inspection / Sorting

  • Efficiently sort product requested with detailed attention, to reduce the risk of a potential escape.
  • Routinely refresh and review the Visual Work Instructions with all team members on the process
  • Layer Audits by the Project Supervisor to ensure all inspectors consistently follow instruction
  • Review on a routine basis the actual defects found to ensure all inspectors remain focused

Defects Found – Repair / Rework

  • Reduce defects reported through a customer approved rework method
  • Provide the tools needed for the project
  • Identify key skill sets required to select Gem Quality team member
  • Design an in depth and detailed Visual Work Instruction – Separate from the sort for rework
  • Obtain customer approval prior to implementing rework training
  • Train / audit to the visual work instruction

Reporting (Same Day / 7 days a week)

  • All reports are customized for the customer’s needs
    • Identify key and critical information when it’s needed
  • Standard I-Charts
  • Specialized Reporting designed to customer needs
  • Daily Text message Alerts
  • Daily E-mail Alerts


  • Provide ballpark RFQ’s when needed to assist in planning cost of a sort
  • Transparency through the invoicing process
  • Detailed information including
    • Quantity of Inspectors
    • Names
    • Hours Each Shift
    • Hours per Day
  • On time invoices reducing the risk of overlooked costs and unexpected charges

Improving the culture

  • Focused on a Kaizen approach and focused on improvement on efficiency
  • Document improvements in the project manual
  • Standardize the improved conditions to eliminate any future negative occurrences